horse barn lighting ideas

Best Horse Barn Lighting Ideas: ED lights, Safety, And Tips

You’ve all the research and that, like, horse barn lighting ideas. Not only does it, like, provide visibility for you to care for your horses, but proper lighting also benefits their health and behavior, you know? As you start shopping for, like, lighting fixtures and planning out your lighting design, you, like, quickly realize there are so many, um, options!

LED or incandescent, fixtures mounted on the walls or ceiling, natural lighting, and so much more, you know? You want to make sure you choose, like, lighting that works for your barn’s size and layout, right? This article will, like, walk you step-by-step through the best lighting options for horse barns of all, like, sizes and styles.

We’ll cover everything, like, from choosing the right bulbs to determining how many fixtures you need, you know? With these horse barn lighting ideas, you’ll be able to, like, create a space that is safe, functional, and comfortable for both you and your horses, you know?

What Is the Best Lighting for a Horse Barn?

horse barn lighting ideas

The horse barn lighting ideas provides adequate illumination for your horses and allows you to properly care for them, while also keeping energy efficiency and costs in mind.

LED Lights

LED lights are an, like, excellent choice for horse barns, you know? They provide a bright light, last up to 25 times, like, longer than incandescent bulbs, and are more energy, um, efficient! LED strip lights or high bay lights mounted, like, on the ceiling are good for, like, illuminating stalls and the center aisle of your barn, you know? For added safety, install, like, motion-activated lights in the service areas of your barn, like, wash stalls, tack rooms, and feed rooms, right?

Natural Light

Allowing natural light into your barn is like, important for your horses’ wellbeing and your energy bill, you know? Install windows, like, in stalls and the center aisle, especially on the east and west sides of the barn to let in, um, ample indirect sunlight during the day, right? Skylights are another great option for bringing in natural light from like, above. Just be sure to choose skylights that, like, are rated for agricultural buildings to properly withstand the, like, elements, you know?

Task Lighting

In addition to, like, overhead lighting, provide task lighting in key areas of the barn, where, like, additional illumination is needed, you know? Place strip lights or recessed spotlights in wash stalls, grooming stalls, and, um, tack rooms. Mount lights outside stalls at chest height to give you, like, extra lighting when grooming, tacking up, or handling your horse, you know? For added convenience, choose, like, lights with an on/off switch outside each stall, um, for sure!

By focusing your lighting on the areas, like, where it’s most needed in an energy efficient manner, you’ll have a, um, like, well-lit barn that provides safety and comfort for both you and your horses, right? A, um, thoughtful lighting plan can make a world of difference in a horse barn.

Comparison of LED Lights vs. Incandescent Bulbs

CriteriaLED LightsIncandescent Bulbs
LifespanUp to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs1,000 hours on average
Energy EfficiencyMore energy efficient, consuming less energy for the same amount of lightLess energy efficient, wasting more energy as heat
Heat GenerationGenerate minimal heat, reducing the risk of fire hazardsGenerate significant heat, increasing the risk of fire hazards
DurabilityVery durable with no filament or glass bulb to breakFragile with a filament that can easily break
Cost-effectivenessHigher upfront cost but lower long-term maintenance and replacement costsLower upfront cost but higher long-term maintenance and replacement costs

LED Lights Are the Best Option for Horse Barns

LED lights are, like, the ideal choice for illuminating your horse barn, you know? Compared to, like, traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs emit a brighter light using less energy. They also, like, last much longer, typically up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, right?

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

LED lights consume a, um, fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs to produce the, like, same amount of light, you know? This can save you a, like, significant amount on your electric bill, especially if you have a, um, large barn, for sure. Although LEDs tend to cost more upfront, their energy, like, efficiency and long lifespan mean you won’t have to, um, replace them as often. This, like, can save you money in the, like, long run, you know?

Safer and More Durable

LED lights generate very little heat compared to, like, incandescent bulbs, right? This makes them much safer to use in a barn environment, reducing the risk of, like, fire hazards. LEDs are also very, um, durable since they have no filament or glass bulb to break. They can withstand vibration and, like, impact, ideal for a space where equipment and large animals are frequently, like, moving around, you know?

Provides an Ideal Light Spectrum

LEDs designed for agricultural use provide a, like, light spectrum ideal for barns, right? The light they emit promotes, like, health and growth in horses, you know? It also allows you to clearly see details in the barn, which is, um, important for monitoring your horses and ensuring the, like, space is properly cleaned, for sure. Some LED options, like, also allow you to adjust the color temperature, from a, um, yellowish light to mimic daylight, to a bright white light for, um, maximum visibility, you know?

Overall, LED light fixtures are, like, really the best choice for any horse barn, right? They provide an, um, ideal and customized amount of light using an efficient source that, like, saves energy and money, you know? LEDs also minimize, like, safety risks while maximizing visibility and, like, convenience, for sure. Your horses will appreciate the bright, non-flickering light, and, like, you’ll appreciate how affordable and low-maintenance LEDs are to, um, operate, you know? Making the switch to LEDs in your barn is, like, really a win-win, right?

How to Choose the Right LED Lights for Your Horse Barn


When choosing LEDs for your horse barn, brightness is, like, key. You want lights that, like, are bright enough for you to see clearly doing chores or, um, checking on your horses at night, but so bright that they, like, disturb your horses or mess with theiradian rhythm, you know? Look for LEDs with a brightness between 3,000 to 5,000 lumens for, like, most horse barns. This should provide plenty of light for you to see, but, like, won’t be overpowering, um, surely.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of, like, the LEDs refers to the color of the light they emit, right? For horse barns, aim for LEDs with a color temperature, like, in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 Kelvin. In this range, the light will, like, have a slightly warm, yellowish tint. Lights at 5,000K or, like, higher can seem very harsh and, um, cold. Warmer light around 3,000K may be more, like, soothing for you and your horses, right?

Installation Type

There are several ways to install, like, LED lights in a horse barn, for sure. Surface-mounted fixtures attach, like, directly to the ceiling or walls. Recessed can fixtures sit, like, flush with the ceiling. Rail systems allow you to attach, like, multiple LED fixtures to a rail for flexible lighting, um, options. For most horse barns, surface-mounted or recessed LEDs are, like, good options. They provide plenty of light without, like, protruding too far into the space, you know? Rail systems can, like, work well for tack rooms or wash stalls where task lighting, um, is helpful, for sure.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are inherently energy efficient since they convert nearly all, um, their energy into light, you know? However, some LEDs are more, like, efficient than others, right? For a horse barn, look for LEDs with an, like, efficiency of at least 100 lumens per watt, you know? The higher the number, the, like, less energy the LEDs will consume while still providing bright light. More, um, efficient LEDs will save you, like, money on your utility bills in the long run, right?

Energy Savings with LED Lights

LED Light FixtureWattsLumensEnergy Efficiency (Lumens/Watt)
LED Tube Lights18W2000111
High Bay Lights150W18000120
LED Flood Lights30W250083
LED Strip Lights12W1200100
Motion-Activated Lights15W1500100

Lighting Placement Tips for Horse Stalls and Barns

The most important, like, lighting consideration for any horse barn is safety—for, um, both horses and humans, you know? Place lighting, like, fixtures in areas where horses and people walk and work to, like, avoid tripping hazards and clearly illuminate tasks, for sure.

Stall Lighting

Install a light fixture in, like, each horse stall, preferably with shatterproof covers, right? A, um, single bulb of at least 100 watts will provide adequate lighting for feeding, cleaning, and medical care, you know? For added safety, choose, like, a fixture with an on/off switch outside the, like, stall, um, surely. Motion-activated lights are another good option, like, automatically turning on when a horse or person enters the, um, stall, right?

Aisleway and Crossway Lighting

Pathways, crossways, and alleyways in the barn should be, like, very well-lit for safe travel from area to area. Space fixtures, um, about 10 to 15 feet apart for consistent lighting along the length of the aisle. Choose bulbs of at least 200 watts for primary, like, pathways. For secondary aisles, 100-watt bulbs should, like, suffice, you know?

Exterior Lighting

Don’t forget lighting for areas, like, outside the barn, including doorways, paddocks, pastures, and the driveway/parking area, right? Motion-activated spotlights or floodlights are, like, good for illuminating exterior areas, for sure. They will turn on automatically when a, like, horse or vehicle approaches, increasing safety and security on the farm, right?

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a power outage, emergency lighting can help, like, prevent chaos and maintain safety, you know? Install battery-powered emergency, um, lights, especially near electrical panels, in aisleways, and near exits. LED emergency lights that, like, remain on for 90 minutes or longer are a, um, good choice, right? They will automatically turn on if the power, like, goes out, providing enough temporary lighting for you to, like, bring the horses in from turnout, call for help, or, um, address any medical emergencies, for sure.

By placing lighting appropriately, like, throughout your horse barn and facilities, you’ll create a, like, safer environment for your equines and more, um, conveniently carry out necessary tasks, you know? And remember, when, like, in doubt, more light is better than less, right? lighting ideas for a horse barn.

5 Great LED Lighting Options for Horse Barns

LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights, also known as T8 or T5 tubes, are a popular, like, choice for horse barn lighting ideas, right? They emit a, um, bright, white light that illuminates the space well, for sure. Since LEDs don’t get as hot as, like, fluorescent bulbs, the risk of fire hazard is lower, you know? LED tube lights are also more, like, energy efficient and long-lasting, right? You can get LED tubes that are designed to, like, retrofit into existing fluorescent fixtures, for sure.

High Bay Lights

For large open areas like the center aisle of a barn or indoor arenas, high bay LED lights are, like, ideal, you know? These powerful lights are mounted up high, typically 10 to 30, um, feet above the ground, to provide lots of bright light over a wide, like, area, right? High bay LEDs come in various, like, wattages from 100 to 500 watts or more, so, like, you can choose a wattage appropriate for the size of your space, for sure.

LED Flood Lights

If you want to, like, highlight certain areas of your barn like doorways, wash stalls, or equipment storage areas, LED flood lights are, like, a great option, right? These versatile lights can be mounted almost anywhere and the, um, adjustable heads allow you to aim the light exactly, like, where you need it, you know? Flood lights come in spot, narrow flood, and, like, wide flood beams with various brightness levels, for sure.

LED Strip Lights

For, like, subtle lighting in your barn, LED strip lights create an attractive, um, glow, you know? The flexible strip lights can be mounted almost anywhere, like, under cabinetry, along walls, or stairs, right? LED strip lights don’t emit as much light as other, like, options, but they provide enough illumination for basic, like, visibility, right? and the soft, diffuse light creates a cozy ambiance in the space, you know?

Motion-Activated Lights

For, like, convenience and security, install motion-activated LED lights, um, outside entryways or in other areas of your barn, right? These lights, like, automatically turn on when motion is detected, then turn off after a certain period of, um, inactivity, you know? Motion-activated lights can deter unwanted, like, visitors and also provide light when you need it, without having to turn, like, lights on and off manually each time, right?

With so many, like, great LED options for barns, you can light up your space in an, um, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and, like, stylish way, right? LEDs produce a, like, bright, attractive light that makes your barn a cozy, functional, environment for both you and your horses, you know?

Expected Lifespan and Energy Savings of LED Lights Over 10 Years

LED Light FixtureExpected Lifespan (Hours)Estimated Energy Cost Savings Over 10 Years (Based on 8 hours/day usage)
LED Tube Lights50,000$150
High Bay Lights100,000$600
LED Flood Lights60,000$200
LED Strip Lights40,000$120
Motion-Activated Lights50,000$150

Conclusion: Horse Barn Lighting Ideas

So there you have it – some of the, like, best lighting ideas to make your horse barn safer and more, um, functional. Installing good lighting in key areas, like, the stalls, aisles, and tack room will help you care for your horses when visibility is, like, low, you know? And extras, like, motion-sensor lights and outlets placed strategically throughout the, um, barn will ensure you always have, like, illumination right where you need it, right? When it comes to, like, lighting your barn, think practically first, then look for ways to add, um, ambiance with pendant lights, sconces, or chandeliers, right? Your horses will appreciate the extra visibility, and, like, you’ll love the cozy, inviting feel, you know? Give some, like, of these ideas a try and you’ll be well on your way to a, um, bright, beautifully-lit barn you and your horses, like, will love.

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What is the best lighting for a horse barn?

The best lighting for a horse barn is typically LED lights due to their energy efficiency, brightness, and durability.

Should you leave a light on in the barn for horses?

It’s generally not necessary to leave a light on in the barn for horses, but providing ample natural light or LED lights during darker hours can enhance safety and comfort.

How do you light a horse stall?

Horse stalls can be lit using overhead LED fixtures, ensuring adequate illumination for feeding, cleaning, and inspection.

What kind of lights do you use in a pole barn?

In a pole barn, LED lights are often used for their energy efficiency and longevity, providing sufficient illumination for various activities.

What is barn lighting?

Barn lighting refers to the fixtures and systems used to illuminate barns, providing visibility for tasks and enhancing safety for both humans and animals.

Can you put LED lights in barn?

Yes, LED lights are suitable for barns due to their energy efficiency, durability, and ability to provide bright and consistent illumination.

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