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Top 10 Unique White Horse Name With Meanings

You’ve got a beautiful new white horse, but you’re stumped on what to name it. Naming a horse is an important decision, as their name becomes part of their identity. You want something unique that captures your horse’s personality. Look no further – we’ve put together a list of the top 10 unique white horse names and what they mean.

From elegant names like Blanche to quirky options like Q-Tip, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your four-legged friend on this list. We’ve dug into name origins and meanings so you can pick a meaningful moniker.

Whether you want something cute, clever, or cultured, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for inspiration and insight into some of the best white horse names out there. You’ll be ready to give your white horse a name as unique as they are by the end!

The Significance of White Horse Names

White Horse Name

What’s in a name?

When it comes to white horses, their name carries great meaning. These graceful creatures have long been symbols of purity, nobility and good fortune. As such, names for white horses often reflect these qualities or other virtues and traits that were valued when the name was given.

Symbolic names

Names like ‘Snowball’, ‘Frosty’ or ‘Ivory’ directly refer to the horse’s white coloring and suggest purity or innocence. Mythological names like ‘Pegasus’ or ‘Zephyr’ invoke concepts of freedom, flight or divine inspiration. Virtuous names such as ‘Angel’, ‘Faith’ or ‘Princess’ reflect the esteem in which the horse is held.

Meaningful names

Some white horse names have powerful symbolic meanings. The name ‘Spirit’ suggests life, energy and courage. ‘Starlight’ or ‘Moonbeam’ evoke brightness, beauty and wonder. A name like ‘Cloud’ or ‘Dove’ implies grace, peacefulness or divinity. The name ‘Destiny’ indicates the horse has a special purpose or is meant to influence events in some meaningful way.

Cultural influences

The origin and meaning behind a white horse’s name can also provide a glimpse into the culture and time period in which it was given. Names derived from nature like ‘Willow’ or ‘Brook’ were popular in the 19th century. Mythological names were common in ancient times. Biblical names such as ‘Delilah’ or ‘Jeremiah’ reflect the Christian faith and values. Cultural names like ‘Shasta’ or ‘Cheyenne’ indicate Native American influence.

A name that stands out

With so much meaning and symbolism, choosing a name for a white horse is an opportunity to pick something truly special – a name that is as memorable and radiant as the horse itself. A name that captures the essence of the horse’s spirit and celebrates the joy such a beautiful creature brings. That is the real significance behind a white horse’s name.

Best White Horse Names Inspired by Nature

If you want a name that captures the beauty and grace of your white horse, consider a nature-inspired name.


This is a classic name that perfectly suits a white horse. Snowflake conjures images of unique, delicate beauty – just like your horse.


A pearl is a lustrous gem formed within an oyster. The name Pearl suggests your horse is a rare and precious treasure.


The daisy is a cheerful white flower. Naming your horse Daisy indicates she has a bright and sunny personality.


Like billowy white clouds drifting through a blue sky, the name Cloud suggests your horse epitomizes freedom and tranquility.


The delicate white crystals of frost glistening on a winter’s day. The name Frost evokes your horse’s cool and sparkling beauty.


The willow tree is graceful and whimsical. Willow is a poetic name for a mare with a gentle and fanciful spirit.


The lily is a stunning white flower that symbolizes purity and innocence. Lily is a beautiful name for a mare of flawless white.

With a nature-inspired name, your white horse’s title will be as gorgeous as she is. These lyrical names capture qualities like beauty, grace, purity and freedom – the perfect match for a magnificent white steed. Choose a name that reflects your horse’s unique spirit and you’ll have found the ideal natural companion.

Mythical and Magical White Horse Names

The white horse has long been a symbol of mysticism and magic. Its pale coat and flowing mane evoke an ethereal quality, as if the horse itself has stepped out of a fairytale. Some names tap into this mythical spirit.


Pale as a ray of moonlight, this name conjures images of the white horse galloping through the night, illuminated by the glow of the full moon. In Celtic mythology, white horses were thought to be messengers of the moon goddess.


Sparkling like a nebula of stars, this whimsical name suggests the white horse has a touch of cosmic magic about it. In many myths and legends, white horses were depicted as celestial beings or guardians of the night sky. This dreamy name captures that mythos.


Mysterious as a ghostly apparition, the name Phantom hints at the otherworldly quality of the white horse. Pale horses have long been associated with the supernatural, representing spirits or guides between the physical and ethereal realms. This spooky name embraces the white horse’s mythical symbolism.


Though not literally a magical horned creature, the white horse is a close kindred spirit. With its fair coloring and graceful form, the white horse evokes the purity, beauty and wonder of the unicorn. This fanciful name celebrates the white horse’s place in myth and imagination.

Choosing a name with magical or mythical overtones helps capture the essence of the white horse as a storied and wondrous creature. Whether it’s a name relating to the moon and night sky or conjuring fantasy beasts, these kinds of names tap into the white horse’s place in our dreams, fairytales and folklore. A pale horse by any other name may still be white, but names like these embrace its spirit.

Cute and Clever White Horse Name Ideas


A playful name that evokes images of winter fun. Perfect for a rambunctious foal that loves to frolic in the snow.


A classic, feminine name that captures the luminous sheen of a white horse’s coat. Ideal for a mare with a gentle and graceful temperament.


A mysterious moniker that nods to the white horse’s pale, almost ethereal appearance. Perfect for a horse with an aloof or independent personality.


A sweet name that matches the white horse’s fair complexion and kind temperament. Wonderful for a friendly, easygoing mare or gelding.


A bold name that conjures up images of a powerful, untamed snowstorm. Ideal for a stallion or gelding with a strong, spirited demeanor.


An elegant name that evokes the creamy, flawless tone of white horse’s coat. Lovely for a refined and distinguished mare.


An enchanting, whimsical name that captures the luminous glow of a white horse’s coat under the light of the moon. Magical for a mare with a gentle, dreamy temperament.


A crisp, refreshing name reminiscent of glistening white frost on a winter’s morn. Wonderful for an energetic gelding with a cool and collected temperament.


An airy, fanciful name that matches a white horse’s fair complexion and light, floaty stride. Sweet for a mare or gelding with a mild, easygoing personality.


A heavenly name befitting a white horse’s celestial appearance and virtuous temperament. Perfect for a kind-hearted, good-natured mare or gelding.

There are so many wonderful names that capture a white horse’s beautiful coat, gentle spirit or playful personality. With a little thought and creativity, you’ll find the perfect name for your four-legged friend.

Famous White Horses and Their Names


In The Lord of the Rings, Shadowfax is the mighty steed and friend of Gandalf the White. His name means “shadowy mane” in Rohirric, the language of Rohan. As one of the Mearas, Shadowfax is an exceptionally intelligent and fast horse. He aids Gandalf in many of his travels and proves instrumental in the fight against Sauron.

Bai Hai

In Chinese culture, Bai Hai translates to “white sea” or “white ocean.” Bai Hai is a legendary horse that appears in classic Chinese literature, including the famous Ming dynasty novel Journey to the West. In the story, the Buddhist monk Xuanzang rides the white horse on his journey to retrieve sacred Buddhist texts from India. Bai Hai is depicted as a celestial steed with magical powers.


Marengo was the famous white war horse of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon rode Marengo in many of his famous battles, including the Battle of Marengo in 1800, for which the horse was named. Marengo was an Arabian stallion, known for his courage, stamina, and camaraderie with Napoleon. When Marengo died in 1821 at the ripe old age of 38, Napoleon was saddened by the loss of his loyal companion. Marengo’s skeleton is on show at the National Army Museum in London.


The Lone Ranger’s trusted steed was named Silver. In the popular Western radio and TV series, Silver aids the Lone Ranger as he fights for justice in the American Old West. Silver is portrayed as a magnificent and highly intelligent white stallion. Along with the Lone Ranger’s mask and silver bullets, Silver is an iconic symbol of truth and justice in the Wild West.

Some other famous white horses from myth and legend include Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, and Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of the Norse god Odin. White horses have captured human imagination and come to symbolize purity, heroism, and mystical power across many cultures.

White Horse Name Meanings and Origins


The name Snowdrop evokes images of purity and innocence. In European folklore, the snowdrop flower is a symbol of hope, beauty, and renewal. As a name for a white horse, it is a perfect fit.


The name Pearl suggests something precious, luminous, and round. Like a pearl, a white horse can be a rare and valuable companion. In literature, a white horse is often a symbol of spiritual purity and innocence. The name Pearl captures these qualities.


The pale, silvery glow of moonlight is reminiscent of a white horse’s color and sheen. The name Moonlight also alludes to themes of magic, dreams, and the night. In folklore, white horses are often associated with the moon, magic and mystery. The name Moonlight is a fittingly whimsical and evocative choice for a white steed.


Like precious crystals, white horses can be a rare and dazzling sight. The name Crystal evokes clarity, radiance and light—perfect for a white horse. In literature and mythology, white horses are often symbols of purity, clarity and illumination. The name Crystal beautifully encompasses these symbolic meanings.


The name Ghost suggests something pale, ethereal and otherworldly. Like a ghostly apparition, a white horse can seem almost supernatural in its beauty. The color white is also associated with spirits in many cultures. The name Ghost is a hauntingly fitting choice for a white steed, conjuring up themes of the mystical and phantom.


In many religions and mythologies, the color white is a symbol of divine or celestial beings. The name Angel invokes purity, grace, and divinity. For a white horse, a name like Angel seems perfectly suited, suggesting an almost heavenly quality. In art and literature, white horses are often depicted as mythological or mystical creatures. The name Angel taps into this symbolic tradition.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect White Horse Name

Choosing a name for your new white horse is an exciting part of welcoming it into your family. Here are some tips to help you pick a name as unique and memorable as your horse.

Consider Your Horse’s Personality

Pay attention to your horse’s behavior and temperament. A calm, gentle horse may suit a name like Dove, Angel or Cloud. For a spirited, energetic horse, something like Blizzard, Storm or Thunder could be fitting. Let your horse’s personality inspire you.

Find Meaning in the Name

Look for names that signify something meaningful, like a place name (Montana, Dakota), a word for white (Alba, Blanca), or a star or constellation (Lyra, Aurora). Meaningful names help create a connection and can reflect your horse’s white color or coat pattern.

Choose a Distinctive Name

With so many horses out there, pick a name that will help your white horse stand out. Uncommon names like Moondance, Frost or Opal are distinctive. You can also modify a common name by changing the spelling to make it unique, like Wynter instead of Winter.

Consider Names from Books or Movies

Draw inspiration from beloved white horses in books, movies or TV shows, such as Shadowfax (Lord of the Rings), Silver (The Lone Ranger) or Bullseye (Toy Story). Using a well-known name can make your horse’s name more memorable to others.

Say the Name Out Loud

As you narrow down your options, say each name out loud to determine how it sounds and feels. A name that rolls off the tongue easily and has a pleasing sound will suit your horse well. Avoid names that are awkward or difficult to pronounce.

Choosing your white horse’s name is a big responsibility, but also a lot of fun. With these tips, you’ll be able to find a name that is as special and unique as your horse. Take your time exploring different options until you find “the one” that you love. Your horse’s name will be something you say for years to come, so pick wisely!

Avoid These Common White Horse Naming Mistakes

When naming your new white horse, it’s easy to fall into some common traps. Avoid these mistakes to choose a name you and your horse will love for years to come.

One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a name that’s too common like “Snowflake” or “Vanilla”. While these names seem fitting for a white horse, they lack originality and your horse may end up with many barn mates sharing the same name. Look for a unique name with special meaning like “Ivory” which means pure or “Pearl” which is precious and pale.

Another mistake is picking a name that’s too cutesy or silly like “Marshmallow” or “Coconut”. Though these names may seem amusing at first, they often don’t age well and can be hard to take seriously. Your horse is a majestic, dignified animal so choose a name that reflects their grace and spirit.

Don’t get stuck only considering names related to your horse’s white coat color. There are many classic, timeless names like “Daisy”, “Lily” or “Stella” that pair beautifully with a white horse. Or consider names of inspiring or mythical white creatures like “Dove”, “Swan” or “Pegasus”.

Avoid naming your horse after a favorite character or person. While this may seem meaningful in the moment, you have no way of knowing if your feelings about that character or person may change in the future. Your horse’s name is permanent so choose wisely!

Finally, don’t forget to say the name out loud to make sure it has a pleasant sound and rolls off the tongue easily. A name that’s awkward to say will only lead to frustration for you and confusion for your horse. Take your time exploring options until you find a name you truly love. Your perfect white horse deserves nothing less!


So there you have it – 10 unique and meaningful names for your white horse! Choosing the perfect name for your equine companion is such an exciting part of horse ownership. Take some time to get to know your horse’s personality so you can pick a name that really fits them.

And don’t stress too much – you can always change it later if you find something you like better. The most important thing is that the name resonates with you and makes that special connection with your horse. Enjoy brainstorming names and bonding with your new four-legged friend. Whatever you choose, we know it will be white and wonderful!

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What is the best name for a white horse?

The best name for a white horse is subjective and depends on individual preference. Some popular options include Luna, Seraphina, and Aurora.

What is the most popular white horse?

The most popular white horse varies depending on cultural and individual preferences. However, names like Shadowfax, Silver, and Marengo are renowned in literature and history.

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What is a cute horse name?

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