Funny Horse Names

Top 35 Funny Horse Names For a Good Chuckle

Have you ever tried to come up with a funny names for your horse and struggled because you wanted something unique, or funny? Well, lemme tell you, you naming a horse can’t quite the challenge isn’t it? But hey, it can also be, a lot of fun, if you, get creative with it; like really, let your imagination! run, wild, you know!!!

In this super fun article, we’ll explore 35, like thirty-five, funny name ideas for your horse that are sure to put a big, huge smile on your face, trust me on this one! From funny puns that will make you go “ha-ha-ha” to zany pop culture references that will have you ROFL, this list has got something for everyone, like seriously everyone!

So, let’s talk about how to pick the perfect silly name that matches your horse’s personality, because let’s be real, every horse has got its own special personality and charm, am I right? And we promise, cross our hearts and hope to die, that these names will make you laugh every single time you call your horse, no joke!

Ok, get your giggle hats on because we’re about to meet some super hilarious horse names like…wait for it…Cowboy Curtis, Sir Trotts-a-Lot, and more! Are you ready for a laughing marathon? Let’s go!

The Importance of a Funny Horse Name

Funny Horse Names

Memorable and Shareable

A humorous name for your horse will definitely stick in’s minds! People will remember and share the story of meeting a horse named ‘Hoof Hearted’ or ‘Neigh Sayer’. This kind of wordplay and funny name spreads like wildfire by word of mouth.

Reflects Your Sense of Humor

Naming your horse something clever proves that you have a fun sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously at all. If you happen to choose a pun, rhyme, or even a pop culture reference as a name, it indicates you’re quick-witted and enjoy making others laugh heartily. People will truly appreciate your witty name choice and may even suggest additional funny names or puns of their very own!

Unique and Interesting

Choosing a clever name helps your horse stand out from the herd. While a common name like ‘Star’ or ‘Buddy’ blends into the background, a name like ‘Bee Movie’ or ‘Manesar’ catches people’s attention and makes your horse seem more unique and fascinating. An amusing name gives onlookers an interesting story to associate with your horse and makes them more memorable.

Strengthens Your Bond

The name you choose for your horse helps to shape their identity and your relationship with them. Picking a funny, clever name shows you put thought into finding something that matches their appearance or personality. This kind of care in naming helps to form a closer bond between you and your horse. An amusing shared joke or reference in their name can become an inside thing that strengthens your connection.

A funny name for your horse has benefits for you both. It makes them more memorable and spreads by word of mouth, reflects your quick wit and sense of humor, highlights their unique qualities, and brings you closer together. For these reasons, putting in the effort to find an amusing and clever name is well worth it. Your horse will have a name people won’t soon forget!

No.Funny Horse Names
1Buck Naked
2Hoof Hearted
3Equine Dion
4Winona Ryder
5Neigh Sayer
8Mane Event
9Night Mare
10Cowboy Curtis
11Sir Trotts-a-Lot
12Taco Disco
13Pony Soprano
14Winona Rider
15Edna (“Ain’t”) Gonna
16Buck Nekkid
17Flicka Khan
18Comanche Moonshine
19Trigger Warning
20Silver Screen
21Lil Sebasti-hen
22Trot-al Recall
23Hot Sauce
27Saddle Do Nicely
28Winning Enchilada
29Mint Julep
32Hot Tamale
34James Dean
These names are sure to bring a smile to your face and add some humor to your stable!

Our Top 10 Funny Horse Names

Funny Horse Names

Mr. Ed

No list of funny horse names is complete without this classic name from the 1960s TV show. While talking horses only exist in fiction, naming your horse after this famous character is sure to get some laughs.

Hoof Hearted

This play on words never fails to amuse. Say it rapid and also you’ll get the joke. We suggest using this for a horse with a good sense of humor.

Equine Dion

A punny musical name for your prized pony. Just don’t expect her to hit those high notes!

Winona Ryder

For the horse who loves to saddle up and go for a ride, this is a clever play on the famous actress’s name.

Neigh Sayer

The perfect ironic name for a vocal horse who always has to get the last word—or noise—in.


Pay homage to one of the most famous racehorses of all time with this classic name. Even if your horse only races to the feed bucket, he’ll still have the spirit of a champion.


Named after the famous horse ridden by Western film star Roy Rogers, this name brings to mind a faithful and reliable mount.

Mane Event

A showy, crowd-pleasing name for a horse who loves being the center of attention. Perfect if your horse frequently performs in events.

Night Mare

A darkly humorous play on words for a horse who lives up to her name only at night.

Buck Naked

Best suited for a horse with a wild spirit, or at least a good sense of humor. Probably not ideal for a show horse, though!

When thinking about giving your horse a funny name, it’s super fun, but don’t forget to think about the horse’s temperament and personality. Choosing a name that tickles the funny bone can make a lively bond between you! A name like “Taco Disco” or “Sir Gallops-A-Lot” can really add to the laughter in your stable.! Make sure you enjoy the naming process and have a good laugh with your equine friend. Let the humor flow in the name you choose for your horse, as it can make for a really amusing relationship between the two of you,! But pick wisely—after all, your horse is stuck with that name for life!

Funny Horse Names Based on Food

When I was growing up, my neighbor had a horse named Sugar. While a sweet name, it’s not terribly original. If you want to give your horse a funny, memorable name, consider naming them after food. Here are some hilarious options:


This spicy name is perfect for a horse with a feisty personality. Every time you call out “Nacho!” To deliver your horse in, you’re sure to get a snigger from every person inside earshot.


A classic Southern name, Biscuit conjures up images of a golden, fluffy baked good. This would be an adorable name for a palomino colored horse. Your friends will smile whenever you tell them you’re off to ride Biscuit!


If your horse tends to be a bit gassy, the name Beans would be hilariously appropriate. Even if your horse doesn’t live up to the name, Beans is still a cute, quirky name that’s sure to prompt a laugh from visitors to your stable.

Mint Julep

For a spirited thoroughbred, the name Mint Julep would be fitting. It evokes thoughts of Kentucky Derby parties and Southern belles sipping a refreshing cocktail. Like the drink, your horse Mint Julep is sure to get the party started!

Hot Tamale

For a horse with a spicy personality, the name Hot Tamale is ideal. Whether chestnut colored or not, a horse named Hot Tamale is sure to have a fiery spirit. His name alone will make people smile as they imagine a feisty little tamale pepper.

Funny horse names are a great way to show off your sense of humor and make others laugh. Naming your horse after a food is a simple way to give them a memorable, comical name that suits their appearance or personality. With options like Nacho, Beans, Biscuit or Hot Tamale, you’ll be chuckling every time you call your horse!

Funny Horse Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Famous TV Characters

If you’re a fan of sitcoms and cartoons, consider naming your horse after a famous character. For example, name your horse Cosmo Kramer after the quirky neighbor in Seinfeld or call him Homer after the lovable oaf from The Simpsons. Female horses could be called Elaine (from Seinfeld) or Marge (Simpsons). These names are sure to give friends and family a chuckle when they hear you call your horse!

Movie Stars

Classic movie stars also make for entertaining horse names. Imagine calling your horse Clint Eastwood, after the legendary western star. For a sassy mare, consider Scarlett after Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. If your horse has a rebellious streak, you could name him James Dean or call her Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe. These glamorous names are perfect for horses with star quality!

Punny Names

For a clever play on words, choose a funny name for your horse. Name a chestnut colored horse Cinnamon or a palomino horse named Sugar. If your horse is eccentric or silly, Prancer or Dancer (like the reindeer) would be amusing. One of my favorites is “Hoof Hearted” which sounds like “who farted” when called out loud! Names like these are sure to make you and others chuckle.

Famous Brands

Popular brand names also make funny and memorable horse names. Call your horse Diesel, like the jeans brand, or name him Harley, like the iconic American motorcycle. For a high-spirited horse, Red Bull could be fitting while a calm, dependable horse might be called Old Spice. Brand names are familiar, catchy and suggest certain qualities or traits which translate well to horse names.

With so many amusing naming options, you’ll have no trouble finding a funny and clever name for your horse. Pop culture inspirations, puns and brand names can all provide you with inspiration for an entertaining name that highlights your horse’s star quality, spirit or personality. Your horse and all who meet him are sure to get a kick out of a funny name!

Funny and Play on Words Funny Horse Names

Coming up with a funny name for your horse is always entertaining. Puns, rhymes and plays on words are crowd-pleasers.

Food Names

Who doesn’t love food? Naming your horse after a tasty treat is always a good idea. Some hilarious options include:

  • Nacho (“Not Yours”)
  • Taco
  • Beans
  • Hot Sauce

Rhyming Names

Rhyming names, especially those with “ee” or “y” endings, always make for amusing horse names. Some examples:

  • Pony Soprano
  • Winona Ryder
  • Edna (“Ain’t”) Gonna
  • Buck Nekkid


Puns, or plays on words, are comedy gold. Horse names like:

  • Hoof Hearted
  • Buck Futters
  • Neigh Sayer
  • Trojan (“Trollin’”) Horse

Are you sure to get a chuckle?

While coming up with a funny name for your horse can be really entertaining, but it’s important to also consider if the name suits your horse’s look, personality, or maybe a meaningful experience you’ve shared. A name that’s amusing to you but nonsensical to others, it might end up falling really flat. You want a name that really highlights what makes your horse unique names and special, like to you, you know?

If you get really stuck, like super stuck, try making a list of your horse’s attributes, favorite foods, places you’ve ridden together, or special memories you have had. Draw inspiration from books, movies, songs, or places that are really, really meaningful to you. Choosing a name should be so much fun, not frustrating at all. Just go with what just feels right for your new equine companion, you know?

With sooo many options, you’re sure, like totally sure, to find a name that fits your horse really perfectly and gives you like a giggle. Just remember, like seriously remember, whatever you choose, say it with sooo much love!!!!

Funny Horse Names for Show Horses

Funny Horse Names

Coming up with a name for your show horse can be challenging. You want something clever that will make the judges chuckle, but is still appropriate. Here are some funny, punny name ideas to get you started:

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Names like “Winning Enchilada” or “Neigh Sayer” are sure to get a laugh. Food-themed names like “Beef Stroganoff” or “Shepherd’s Pie” are always a hit.

References to popular culture are comedy gold. “Lil Sebasti-hen” or “Pony Montana” give a nod to TV shows and movies. “Beyon-neigh” or “Trot-al Recall” play on pop music and sci-fi.

Rhyming names are silly and fun. “Hoof Hearted”, “Stirrup Some Trouble” and “Saddle Do Nicely” have a sing-songy ring to them. Alliteration, where the same consonant sound is repeated, creates a rhythmic effect in names like “Prancey Pants” or “Canter Cutie”.

Don’t be afraid to pun on cliché horse names. “Trigger Warning”, “Silver Screen” or “Ed” (instead of “Mister Ed”) give an ironic twist. Mash up two common names for something truly absurd like “Flicka Khan” or “Comanche Moonshine”.

Pick references only true horse lovers will understand. “Colic and Carrots”, “Hoof Pick”, or “Mane Event” make perfect horse show names. Judges and fellow competitors are sure to appreciate your clever wit.

When choosing a funny name for your show horse, make sure it’s also a name you can say with pride. A name that makes you smile and fits your horse’s personality perfectly. If it gives the judges a good chuckle, that’s just the cherry on top! With so many puns and pop culture references to choose from, you’ll be laughing all the way to the winner’s circle.

Funny Horse Names for Race Horses

Coming up with a clever name for your racehorse is half the fun of owning one! A funny or punny name is sure to give the announcer and spectators a chuckle as your pony trots past. Here are some amusing name options to get you started:

Have some fun with horse-related puns like “Hoof Hearted”, “Saddle Do”, or “Win Place or Neigh”. References to famous horses like “Seabiscuitini” or “Man O’ War-drobe” are sure to elicit some laughs from fellow racing fans.

You can also pun on famous people’s names, like “Charli Horse”, “Seattle Slewgie”, or “Secretariat Clinton”. Famous movie or book titles also work great, such as “Gone with the Win”, “The Colt Father”, or “All the President’s Horses”.

Don’t be afraid to get silly with names like “Crazy Horsepower”, “Pony Soprano”, or “Trigger Mortis”. Pop culture references are also comedy gold, like “Trotter Swift”, “50 Shades of Neigh”, or “Game of Thrones” (get it?).

Food-related names are always a tasty choice, such as “Winning Jockey” shortbread cookies, “I’ll Have Another ” carrot cake, or “California Chrome” donuts. The cornier the better!

You really can’t go wrong with a funny name for your racehorse. Have fun with it and choose a name that gives you a little chuckle every time you say it. After all, horse racing is meant to be entertaining! An amusing name will make your horse a fan favorite and bring a bit of laughter and joy to everyone at the track.

Celebrity Funny Horse Names

When it comes to naming our four-legged friends, some owners like to have a little fun with it. Celebrities are no exception. Who hasn’t chuckled at a clever name for a celebrity’s beloved horse?

The late actor John Candy had a great sense of humor. His horse “Hoof Hearted” always gave people a laugh. Another funny name was Roy Rogers’ Palomino “Trigger”. Though not outright silly, the name was quite fitting for a cowboy’s faithful steed.

Comedian Tim Conway, known for his slapstick humor, named his horse “Giddeupngo”. Conway loved improvising comedy bits with his horse on The Carol Burnett Show. The name perfectly suited the duo’s playful relationship.

One of the funniest names has to be “Hoofenpoof”, belonging to legendary jockey Willie Shoemaker. With a last name like Shoemaker, he obviously had an affinity for horse-themed puns! The Marx Brothers were also known for their quirky comedic style. Harpo Marx’s horse “Take A Letter” was cleverly named for his mute character’s inability to speak.

More recently, actress Reese Witherspoon gave her horse the adorable name “Honky Tonk”. It’s a nod to her Southern roots and role in Sweet Home Alabama. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi have a horse named “Muny”. It’s a play on words for Portia’s legal comedy-drama Ally McBeal.

From classic comedians to modern-day actresses, many celebrities have shared their playful sense of humor through the names they’ve given their beloved horses. A funny name that makes you chuckle is certainly one way to put a smile on people’s faces.


When it comes to picking a funny name for your horse, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to poke fun at your horse’s appearance or personality, or just give people a good chuckle, choosing an amusing moniker can make owning a horse that much more entertaining.

The names you give the essential animals in your life say a lot about you as an owner and your relationship with them. If you and your horse have a quirky, humorous connection, a zany name like ‘Hoof Hearted’ or ‘Buck Naked’ is the perfect way to embody that bond. Your barn mates and riding buddies are sure to get a kick out of calling your horse by such a silly name.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure any name you pick rolls off the tongue and isn’t too long or complicated. As funny as ‘Lord of the Reins: Return of the Colt’ might seem on paper, shouting that name across a pasture probably won’t end well! Stick with short, punchy names for the best results.

Whether you want to make a pop culture reference like ‘Pony Soprano’ or ‘Trigger Mortis’, use a cliche like ‘Dark Horse’ or ‘Wild Card’, or just string together some silly syllables, funny horse names are all about embracing the humor in our equine relationships. Your horse may give you sideways glances at first, but will surely grow into an amusing moniker, eventually learning to respond to even the most ridiculous of names.

So saddle up your ‘Buck Naked’, climb onto your ‘Hoof Hearted’ and ride off into the sunset. A sense of humor is essential to horse ownership, so pick a name that highlights the laughs you share with your four-legged friend. The comedy may be for your own enjoyment, but the bond you build with your horse through the hilarity will last forever.


What is a unique horse name?

A unique horse name is one that stands out and is distinct from common names. It could be inspired by mythology, nature, literature, or personal experiences.

What is a funny name for a racing horse?

A funny name for a racing horse could be “Speedy McLaughlin”, “Gallop-a-Lot”, or “Dashin’ Dynamo”.

What is the best horse name?

The best horse name is subjective and depends on individual preferences. It should reflect the horse’s personality, appearance, or owner’s interests.

What should I call my horse?

You should call your horse something that resonates with you and reflects its characteristics or your relationship with it.

How do I name a horse?

To name a horse, consider its appearance, personality, and any unique traits it possesses. You can also draw inspiration from literature, mythology, pop culture, or personal experiences.

What is a classic horse name?

A classic horse name could be “Black Beauty”, “Thunder”, “Shadowfax”, or “Spirit”. These names have stood the test of time and evoke images of strength, beauty, or nobility.

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