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Top 5 Horse Trailer Manufacturers Brand and Their Benefits

When it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of your four-legged companions during travel, investing in a top-notch horse trailer is paramount. With a plethora of options in the market, it’s crucial to distinguish the best from the rest. In this exclusive guide, we unveil the crème de la crème of horse trailer manufacturers, highlighting their brand names and the unparalleled benefits they bring to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a novice horse enthusiast, this article will steer you towards making an informed and exceptional choice.

RankManufacturerKey Benefit
1FeatherliteLightweight Design
2SundownerVersatility and Customization
3ExissAffordable Excellence
44-Star TrailersPremium Quality and Luxury
5BisonValue for Money

Top 5 Horse Trailer Manufacturers

1. Featherlite: A Feather in the Cap of Excellence

Horse Trailer Manufacturers

Featherlite, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, leads the pack in horse trailer manufacturing. Their trailers are a testament to cutting-edge engineering and a commitment to equine safety and comfort.

Lightweight Marvels

Featherlite trailers boast an unrivaled lightweight design, setting them apart from the competition. Constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum, they strike the perfect balance between durability and agility. This translates to easier towing, reduced fuel consumption, and less strain on your vehicle.

Fortified for the Journey

Durability takes center stage in Featherlite’s design philosophy. The use of aluminum confers rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Safety features like torsion axles and advanced braking systems provide peace of mind on the open road.

2. Sundowner: Tailored Excellence for Discerning Owners

horse trailer

For those who demand versatility and customization, Sundowner stands as the unrivaled choice. Their trailers are a canvas for your unique needs, providing a range of options to suit any equestrian’s requirements.

Versatility Redefined

Sundowner’s lineup offers a diverse array of sizes and layouts, catering to a wide spectrum of horse breeds and travel demands. Whether you prefer slant load or straight load configurations, or even a custom design, Sundowner delivers on your vision.

Designed for Ease

User-friendly features are a hallmark of Sundowner trailers. Removable dividers, adjustable stalls, and thoughtfully crafted interiors make loading and unloading a seamless affair, ensuring both you and your horses travel in comfort and style.

3. Exiss: Where Affordability Meets Excellence

horse trailer

Exiss sets the bar high for affordability without compromising on quality. Their trailers exemplify excellence without breaking the bank, making them a preferred choice for budget-conscious horse owners.

Affordable Excellence

Exiss trailers strike a harmonious balance between cost and quality. They offer an accessible entry point into the world of premium horse trailers without sacrificing essential features. Your horses will travel in comfort and safety without straining your finances.

Engineering for Durability

Advanced construction techniques, including interlocking aluminum floors and wall systems, give Exiss trailers a leg up in durability. This ensures your investment endures the rigors of the road, providing reliable service for years to come.

4. Star Trailers: Luxury Redefined

horse trailer

When it comes to luxury and premium quality, 4-Star Trailers reign supreme. These trailers are a testament to superior craftsmanship and uncompromising comfort for your equine companions.

Crafted for Royalty

Every detail of 4-Star Trailers exudes luxury. From opulent interiors to the finest materials, your horses will travel like royalty. These trailers are designed to pamper your equine companions and provide them with a journey fit for a king.

Comfort as Standard

4-Star Trailers prioritize the well-being of your horses. Spacious stalls, climate control options, and thoughtful design elements ensure your horses travel in the lap of comfort, free from stress or discomfort.

5. Bison: Where Value Meets Reliability

horse trailer

For horse owners seeking value without compromising on reliability, Bison is the brand of choice. These trailers are a testament to functional simplicity and steadfast dependability.

Value at Its Core

Bison trailers offer unbeatable value for money. They provide a reliable mode of transportation for your horses without stretching your budget to the limit. Functionality takes precedence, ensuring you get the job done without unnecessary complexity.

Reliability in Every Mile

While Bison trailers may not have all the frills of high-end models, they excel in reliability. You can trust them to get the job done, mile after mile, ensuring your horses arrive at their destination safely and comfortably.

How to Choose the Right Horse Trailer

Now that you’ve learned about the top 5 horse trailer manufacturers and their benefits, it’s important to know how to choose the right trailer for your specific needs.

Consider Your Needs

Assess the number of horses you’ll be transporting, the distance you’ll be traveling, and any specific requirements you have for your trailer.

Budget and Financing Options

Determine your budget and explore financing options, as horse trailers can vary greatly in price.

Research and Reviews

Read customer reviews and conduct thorough research to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

Visit Dealerships

Visit dealerships to see the trailers in person, ask questions, and get a feel for which one suits you best.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Once you’ve selected the perfect horse trailer, it’s crucial to maintain it properly to ensure its longevity and your horses’ safety.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Regularly clean and sanitize your trailer to prevent the buildup of dirt, manure, and contaminants.

Tire and Brake Checks

Regularly inspect the tires and brakes to ensure they are in good working condition.

Regular Servicing

Schedule regular servicing to address any wear and tear and keep your trailer in top shape.


Choosing the right horse trailer is a significant decision for any horse owner. Each of the top 5 manufacturers—Featherlite, Sundowner, Exiss, 4-Star Trailers, and Bison—offers unique benefits to cater to different needs and preferences. By considering your requirements, budget, and conducting thorough research, you can select a horse trailer that ensures the safety and comfort of your beloved equine companions on every journey.

Statistical Snapshot: Key Features Comparison

ManufacturerLightweight DesignCustomization OptionsAffordabilityLuxury FeaturesValue for Money
4-Star Trailers

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Yes, most reputable horse trailer manufacturers offer warranties. It’s important to review the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase to understand what is covered.

How often should I service my horse trailer?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the safety and longevity of your horse trailer. It is recommended to service your trailer annually, with more frequent checks if you’re a frequent traveler.

Are aluminum or steel trailers better for horses?

Both aluminum and steel trailers have their merits. Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, while steel offers superior strength. The choice depends on your specific priorities and needs.

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