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Top Dog Kennels: History, Quality Care, Boarding And More!

You love your dog to pieces and want to give him the absolute best. When it’s time to leave town, you only trust the cream of the crop for boarding. Forget the run-of-the-mill kennels with concrete floors and chain-link fences—your furry friend deserves a five-star doggie hotel! In this article, we’ll cover the top dog kennels in the country that offer resort-style amenities for your pampered pooch.

We’re talking luxury suites with plush beds, webcams so you can check in anytime, and outdoor play spaces straight out of a dog’s dreams. You’ll learn about the services that set these elite kennels apart, from grooming and training to veterinary care and specialized diets. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to caring for your canine companion. we’ll guide you to the ultimate dog boarding destinations that roll out the red carpet for your precious pup.

Our History at Top Dog Kennels

Top Dog Kennels

Top Dog Kennels has been caring for canine companions in the area for over 30 years. Founded in 1989 by lifelong dog lovers and breeders John and Mary Smith, our kennel was born out of a desire to provide high-quality care and accommodations for dogs when their owners couldn’t.

Humble Beginnings

Initially, John and Mary started top dog kennels on their family farm, converting an old horse stable into simple kennel runs and convert some pastures into play areas. As word spread about their excellent facilities and genuinely caring staff, their business grew quickly. Within a couple of years, they had to expand into some additional farm buildings to keep up with demand.

A Custom-Built Space

By 1995, it became clear that another solution was needed. John and Mary made the decision to build a brand new, state-of-the-art kennel and boarding facility on their property. This custom-built space provided spacious indoor/outdoor runs, separate areas for different sized dogs, grooming stations, and even some private luxury suites. An on-site veterinarian clinic was also added for the convenience of clients.

Continued Growth

Over the following decades, Top Dog Kennels has continued to expand by adding more kennel space, play areas, and staff housing. However, John and Mary have stayed true to their original vision of providing top-notch care in a homey environment. They now have over 50 staff who share their genuine love of dogs and commitment to customer service.

While our facilities and services have developed over the years, our philosophy remains the same: to treat each dog as if they were our own. We strive to give your four-legged family members plenty of love, play, and cuddles when they stay with us. Our history shows how far we’ve come, but our future will hold staying dedicated to being the top dog kennel in the region.

Quality Care From People Who Care at Top Dog Kennels

At Top Dog Kennels, your furry friend will receive attentive care and endless affection from our highly trained staff. We know how difficult it can be to leave your dog in someone else’s care, so our top priority is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your pup can stay happy and active.

Spacious Accommodations

Your dog will have plenty of room to stretch out in one of our spacious kennels or private rooms. We offer different sizes to suit dogs of all breeds. Each kennel is specifically designed for comfort, with raised beds, cozy bedding, and non-slip flooring. Your dog is free to enjoy indoor and outdoor play spaces and nap areas.

Nutritious Meals

Your dog will be served two nutritious meals each day, with snacks provided as needed. We provide premium dog food and can also accommodate any special dietary needs. All meals are prepared and served by our staff to ensure your dog’s needs are met. Fresh, filtered water is available at all times.

Daily Exercise and Play

Staying active and socialized is important for your dog’s wellbeing. Our staff provides multiple opportunities for exercise, play, and social interaction each day. We offer spacious outdoor areas for running and playing, as well as interactive playrooms and playground equipment. Staff engages with the dogs through play, training, grooming, and one-on-one time.

24-Hour Monitoring

Your dog’s safety and security is our top priority. Our facility is fully secured, with 24-hour video monitoring and trained staff on-site at all times. Staff performs routine checks of all kennels and play areas and is always available in case of emergencies. Your dog will be carefully supervised to ensure their needs are promptly met.

With our premium facility and caring staff, you can rest assured your faithful companion will be in good hands during their stay at top dog kennels. We treat each dog as if they were our own and look forward to welcoming your dog into our pack!

Boarding Your Dog at Top Dog Kennels

Spacious Accommodations

At top dog kennels, your furry friend will stay in a spacious suite, not a cramped cage. Each dog has its own private area with a raised bed, food and water bowls, and indoor/outdoor access. The kennels are also temperature controlled for your dog’s comfort. Your dog will have plenty of room to stretch out and play with the toys and treats you provide from home.

24-Hour Care

Your dog’s health and happiness are the top priority at top dog kennels. Our staff provides 24-hour care and monitoring to ensure your dog’s needs are met day and night. We follow any special feeding, medication, or exercise instructions you provide to keep your dog on a normal routine.

Exercise and Play

Dogs staying at top dog kennels get exercise and outdoor time at least 4 times a day. We have a large, fenced outdoor play area where dogs can run, play fetch, and socialize with the other dogs. Our staff also provides one-on-one playtime and belly rubs for each dog. We find that exercise and play help relieve stress and make a dog’s stay more enjoyable.

Optional Services

In addition to premium boarding, top dog kennels offers a variety of optional services for your convenience. These include:

  • Bathing and grooming before pickup. We use only high-quality, all-natural shampoos and grooming products. •Nail trimming. We trim nails to avoid injury for just $10.
  • Brush-out. For long or curly-haired dogs, we provide a brush-out to prevent matting and tangles.
  • Webcam access. Check in on your dog 24 hours a day using our live webcams for just $5 per day.

With our resort-like amenities and round-the-clock care, you can feel at ease knowing your dog is enjoying a relaxing stay at top dog kennels. Your dog may not even want to leave! Call or book online today to schedule your dog’s next boarding visit.

Daycare at Top Dog Kennels

At top dog kennels, we offer full-service daycare for your furry friend. Our dedicated staff are dog lovers themselves and provide constant supervision, play, and enrichment activities for your pup during their stay.

Spacious Indoor Play Areas

Your dog will have plenty of room to run, play, and socialize in our large indoor playrooms. We separate the rooms based on size and temperament, so small and large breeds each have their own space. The playrooms are equipped with toys, obstacles courses, and comfy bedding areas for napping.

Outdoor Play Yards

For at least 3 hours a day, weather permitting, the dogs go outside into one of our secure outdoor play yards. The yards feature play structures, pools, and splash pads for hot summer days. Fresh air and natural sunlight do a dog good! The yards are also separated by size to ensure every dog has a space they feel comfortable in.

Constant Supervision and Care

Our staff are dedicated dog lovers and handlers. They provide constant supervision and interaction with the dogs during their entire stay. Staff get to know each dog’s unique needs, temperament, and play style to ensure they feel happy and cared for. They monitor the dogs for any signs of stress, fatigue or aggression and will remove a dog from group play if needed.

Additional Services

At top dog kennels, we also offer additional services for your convenience. These include bathing, nail trimming, medication administration, and shuttle services to transport your dog to vet appointments or grooming services during their daycare stay. We work hard to make daycare at top dog kennels a pleasant, stress-free experience for both you and your faithful companion. Your dog’s health, safety, and happiness are our top priorities each and every day.

Bring your dog in for a free day of daycare and see for yourself why Top Dog Kennels is the top choice for dog owners. We can’t wait to have you and your dog join the group!

Our Facility at Top Dog Kennels

At top dog kennels, we pride ourselves on providing premium care for your furry family members. Our state-of-the-art kennel facility is designed with your dog’s comfort and well-being in mind.

Spacious Accommodations

Each of our dog suites provides your pup with plenty of room to stretch out. They feature raised beds, constant access to fresh water, and floor drains for easy cleaning. For smaller dogs, we offer private suites so they feel secure when away from home. We keep a close eye on all dogs to ensure their needs are met promptly.

Group Play Areas

In addition to time in their private suite, dogs get to socialize and exercise in our outdoor play areas. We have separate play zones for large and small dogs so everyone can run and play without worry. Our trained staff closely supervise group play and can spot any signs of stress in dogs to make sure the experience is positive. Playtime helps release pent-up energy and gives dogs an opportunity for social interaction and mental stimulation.

Premium Food and Treats

We provide high-quality kibble for dogs staying with us, or you can bring your dog’s own food from home if preferred. We also give dogs treats, chew toys, and puzzle toys to help stave off boredom and keep them engaged during their stay. Owners can request specialized diets or treats for their dogs if needed. We are happy to accommodate any special needs to give you peace of mind.

Our facility utilizes an advanced security and fire system to ensure the safety of all dogs under our care. We have veterinarians on call for any medical needs that may arise. At Top Dog Kennels, your dog’s health, happiness, and overall well-being are our top priority. We provide a home away from home experience for dogs and comprehensive care for owners.

Grooming Services Now Available at Top Dog Kennels

At dog kennels, we care about your dog’s overall well-being during their stay with us. That’s why we now offer professional grooming services to keep your pup clean, pampered and looking their best. Our skilled groomers will bathe and brush out your dog’s coat, trim their nails, clean their ears and express their anal glands. We use only high-quality, natural grooming products that are safe, gentle and soothing.

Your dog will enjoy being groomed in our spacious salon, complete with elevated tubs for easy access. Appointments are available for drop-off service or as an add-on for dogs already boarding with us. Our groomers will consult with you to create a custom grooming plan based on your dog’s needs, from a simple bath and brush out to a full show cut. We can also suggest hairstyles specifically suited to your dog’s breed.

Regular professional grooming provides many benefits for dogs. It stimulates their skin and hair follicles, increases blood circulation, and distributes natural oils through the coat to keep it soft and shiny. Trimming nails, cleaning ears and expressing anal glands improves hygiene and health. And of course, frequent grooming helps keep your dog clean and smelling fresh.

At Top dog kennels, your dog’s happiness and comfort are our top priority. Our grooming staff is highly experienced in working with all breeds of dogs and understand that some may be anxious about grooming. We use positive reinforcement techniques to help put your dog at ease and make grooming a pleasant experience for them.

Boarding for dogs

grooming services will be scheduled during their regular daytime activity and play periods to minimize disruption. Your dog will be walked, fed, and given outdoor time as usual around their grooming appointment. When you pick up your dog from boarding, they will be clean, groomed, and tired from a fun, full day of activity and pampering.

Call or book online today to schedule your dog’s grooming at top dog kennels. We look forward to giving your faithful friend the royal treatment they deserve.

What Our Clients Say About Top Dog Kennels

“We’ve been taking our labradoodle Max to top dog kennels for over five years now, and we wouldn’t trust him with anyone else. The staff treats Max like one of their own, and he always comes home happy and well-cared for. The facilities are clean, spacious, and secure, so we know Max is safe while we’re away. We’ve recommended top dog kennels to all our friends.”

The Smith Family

“I travel often for business, so having a trustworthy kennel is essential. Top dog kennels has cared for my shepherd Zoey multiple times, and she loves going to stay with them. The staff is friendly, responsible, and genuinely cares about the dogs. They walk, feed, and play with Zoey daily, and she receives plenty of affection and attention. I never worry about her when she’s at dog kennels. They’re the best!”

Jenna T.

Top dog kennels has earned a reputation as a premier dog care facility due to our commitment to your dog’s health, safety, and happiness. Our spacious kennels and outdoor play areas give your pup plenty of room to exercise and socialize. Our staff provides walks, feeding, grooming, playtime, and affection for each dog daily. 24-hour monitoring and an on-call vet ensure your dog’s needs are always met.

“I’ve used dog kennels for over 15 years to board my dogs when I go out of town. The staff treats your pets like their own and gives them plenty of love and attention. They keep the kennels very clean and make sure all medical needs are addressed. Never would I trust anybody else with my pets. Top Dog Kennels is the best!”

Mike D.

Whether for a long vacation or just a quick business trip, you can rest assured knowing your faithful companion is in good hands at dog kennels. Our goal is to provide your dog a home away from home where they feel safe, secure, and cared for. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities and meet our friendly, experienced staff. We look forward to welcoming your dog to the top dog kennels family!


So there you have it – the inside scoop on the top dog kennels out there. From luxury resort-style boarding to specialized training facilities, we covered the cream of the crop. Hopefully, this gave you some great options to consider next time your four-legged friend needs a vacation while you’re away. And remember – always tour places in person and thoroughly vet reviews to make sure any kennel is a good fit for your pup. With the right choice, you can rest easy knowing your dog is in good hands, and they might not even miss you that much with so many amenities and new furry friends around. Safe travels!

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