Guinea Pig Names

Top Guinea Pig Names: Fun & Cute Ideas for Your Pets.

Hey there fellow guinea pig lover! Choosing the perfect name for your furry little friend can be so much fun. Those squeaks and little feet darting around totally deserve an awesome name to match their cute personalities. But with such a lot of options, in which do you even start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll walk through tons of ideas for girl and boy guinea pig names, from cute and clever to classic and exotic. Get ready to find the perfect fit for your new fur baby. Whether you want a name that captures their look, honors their breed, or shows off their quirky personality, we’ve collected all kinds of creative, memorable, and just plain fun guinea pig names that are sure to put a smile on your face. Let’s dive in and explore!

Choosing a Guinea Pig Name

Consider Your Guinea Pig’s Personality

When picking out a name for your new furry friend, think about their unique qualities and habits. Are they energetic or laid back? Skittish or friendly? Noticing little details about their personality can inspire the perfect name. For a spunky, playful pig, consider names like “Pepper” or “Ginger”. For a more relaxed cavy, try “Chill” or “Zen”.

Choose a Theme

Another idea is to pick a theme for your guinea pig names. Some popular themes include:

  • Food names: Cookie, Carrot, Oreo
  • Location names: Meadow, Forest, Willow
  • Human names: Charlotte, Emma, Ava
  • Pop culture names: Gizmo, Luna, Hedwig

Choosing a fun theme is a great way to come up with a creative, memorable name for your guinea pig. Within the theme, consider names with a maximum of two syllables for the best results.

Consider Pairing Up Names

If you have two guinea pigs, choosing names that go together can be extra fun. Some examples of paired up names include:

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Mickey and Minnie

Pairing up names gives your guinea pigs a sense of bonding and connection. And the names will be that much more special to you as their owner.

With some thought and creativity, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect name for your guinea pig. A name that fits their personality and gives them a sense of identity is a great way to solidify your new furry friend as part of the family!

Cute Guinea Pig Names for Your Furry Friend

Classic Names

Some classic guinea pig names are always a great choice. Options like Cocoa, Oreo or Brownie are perfect for chocolate-colored pigs. Salt and Pepper work well for pigs with mixed coloring. Peanut and Butter are an adorable pairing for a pair of pigs. For tri-colored pigs, you can’t go wrong with names like Spot, Patches or Calico.

Food-Inspired Names

Guinea pigs love to eat, so a food-themed name is very fitting! Consider names like Carrot, Popcorn, or Pumpkin. Spice-themed names such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger would also be cute. Fruit names like Apple, Peach or Berry make sweet names for your sweet pig.

Fun and Quirky Names

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider some fun and quirky names. Names like Fuzzball, Squishy, or Fluffy are perfect for their soft, furry bodies. Wheeker or Squeak are cute references to the sounds they make. You could name your piggy Zoom or Dash if they love to run laps around their cage. For chill pigs, consider names like Snuggles, Cuddles or Lazy.

Human Names

Sometimes the most fitting names for guinea pigs are actual human names. Classic names like Charlie, Lucy or Bella are always a great choice. You could choose names that represent their coloring or personality, such as Ebony, Sandy or Coco for a brown pig or names like Joy, Bliss or Serenity for a mellow pig. A sophisticated name like Sir Reginald or Duchess is perfect for a fancy breed of pig.

With so many options, you’re sure to find cute and unique guinea pig names for your furry little friend. Have fun with the naming process and choose a moniker that fits your pig’s appearance, personality or your own personal style!

Top 8 Male Guinea Pig Names


Max is a classic name that suits a guinea pig with a playful and energetic personality. This name gives off a fun and adventurous vibe that matches an outgoing cavy.


If you have a friendly guinea pig that loves being around people, Buddy is a perfect name. It suggests a companionable and sociable nature. Your cavy will surely become your little buddy in no time.


An adorable name for a black and white colored guinea pig. Oreo is a sweet name that matches the sweet personality of cavies. It’s a popular and recognizable name that suggests a fun-loving and charismatic pet.


Teddy is an endearing name that gives off a warm and cuddly vibe. If you have a fluffy guinea pig that you love snuggling with, Teddy would make an ideal name. This name suits a docile and easygoing cavy.


For a brown colored guinea pig, Cashew is an apt name. It’s a unique and quirky name that matches the energetic and spirited personality of most cavies. Your little Cashew will surely bring you lots of laughs and enjoyment.


A sweet name for a brown or chocolate colored guinea pig. Coco gives off a warm and cozy vibe that matches a friendly and laid-back cavy. This name suggests a guinea pig that loves being pampered and cuddled.


If you have a small or dainty guinea pig, Peanut is an perfect name. It’s a cute and charming name that matches a fun-sized cavy with a bubbly personality. Your little Peanut will surely capture your heart in no time.


For a light brown guinea pig with a sweet personality, Caramel is an apt name. It suggests a guinea pig that is mild-mannered, gentle and easygoing. Caramel gives off a warm and pleasant vibe that matches a sociable and good-natured cavy.

Top 8 Female Guinea Pig Names

Coming up with the perfect name for your new furry friend can be tricky. Here are some cute and fun female guinea pig name ideas to get you started.


This sweet name is perfect for a brown or chocolate-colored guinea pig. Cocoa conjures up images of hot chocolate on a cold day—warm, comforting and delicious.


The name Daisy evokes thoughts of a bright, sunny flower—just like your guinea pig’s personality. This cheerful, nature-inspired name is a popular choice for small pets.


If you have an orange or red-colored guinea pig, Ginger is an adorable name option. Fiery and spunky, just like her coat.


A sweet name for a sweet guinea pig. Honey reminds us of golden sunshine and natural sweetness. This name would suit a guinea pig with a friendly, easygoing temperament.


Tiny, brown and irresistibly cute—just like a peanut. This name is perfect for a small, round, brown guinea pig. Playful and fun.


Warm, earthy and fragrant—cinnamon spice is the inspiration for this cozy guinea pig name. Ideal for a reddish-brown coated guinea pig with a warm and vibrant personality.


Graceful and whimsical, the name Willow conjures up images of swaying branches and playful foliage. A lovely nature-inspired choice for your guinea pig.


Bright, cheerful and lively, just like the scarlet poppy flower. This spirited name would be fitting for an energetic and vibrant guinea pig with a reddish coat. Playful, sweet and eye-catching.

With these fun and cute name options, you’re sure to find the perfect moniker to match your new guinea pig’s adorable appearance and endearing personality. Have fun with the naming process and choose a name you both love!

Funny and Unique Guinea Pig Names

Guinea Pig Names

Punny Names

Give your guinea pig a funny name for some laughs. Names like “Wheekers” (squeakers), “Piggy Smalls” (like Notorious B.I.G), or ” Bacon Bits” are amusing options. You could also go with “Pig Ben” (Big Ben), “Pigasso” (Picasso), or “Piggy Wiggy” (wiggy).

Food Names

Guinea pigs love to eat, so a food-themed name is perfect. Consider “Peanut,” “Oreo,” “Bean,” or “Cocoa“. Fruit names like “Kiwi,” “Peach” or “Plum” are sweet options. Vegetable names such as “Carrot,” “Radish” or “Broccoli” are healthy-sounding choices. For a spicy name, try “Chili” or “Pepper“.

Pop Culture Names

Give your guinea pig a name inspired by a favorite movie, book, or TV show. Some ideas include “Ginny” (from Harry Potter), “Bilbo” (The Hobbit), or “Hammy” (from Over the Hedge). You could choose “Penny” (from The Big Bang Theory) or “Chandler” (Friends). For a musical name, try “Freddie” (Mercury) or “Elton” (John).

Human Names

Human names are always classic options for pets. Common names like “Jack,” “Charlie,” “Max,” and “Daisy” work great for guinea pigs. You could also choose an unusual name like “Percival,” “Mildred,” or “Ernest“. Names from other cultures like “Pierre,” “Ling,” or “Giuseppe” add an international flair.

With so many funny, unique and adorable name options, you’re sure to find an perfect moniker for your new furry friend. Take your time and have fun exploring different name ideas. Once you’ve decided on a name that makes you smile, your little piggy will have a special name that reflects their quirky charm and vibrant personality.

Creative Names for Pairs of Guinea Pigs

Matching Monikers

Giving your guinea pig pair matching or complementary names is always a cute idea. Some classic examples include Salt and Pepper, Peanut and Butter, or Bonnie and Clyde. You could also pick names of famous pairs or duos like Mickey and Minnie, Homer and Marge, or SpongeBob and Patrick.

Rhyming Pairs

Rhyming names for pairs are whimsical and fun. Try Pip and Squeak, Coco and Lolo, Winnie and Minnie, or Sugar and Spice. Literary-inspired names like Tweedledee and Tweedledum or Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss would also be charming for a pair of guinea pigs.

Opposites Attract

Naming your guinea pigs with opposite themes can be amusing. For example, you might choose Yin and Yang, Peaches and Cream, Summer and Winter, or Sunny and Stormy. This technique highlights how despite their differences, your two guinea pigs get along together splendidly.

Dynamic Duos

Pay homage to famous pairs or duos with character names like Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, or Thelma and Louise. For a geeky twist, consider science-inspired pairs like Proton and Electron or DNA and RNA. Naming your pigs after a comedic duo like Abbott and Costello or Cheech and Chong would also bring some humor and personality to the names.

With a little creativity, you can come up with pairings of names to suit your guinea pigs’ unique personalities or appearances. Most importantly, choose names that you will enjoy saying for years to come! After all, you’ll be using those names whenever you feed, play with or cuddle your adorable furry friends.

Color Inspired Guinea Pig Names

Choosing a name based on your guinea pig’s color or coat pattern is always a fun option. For a tri-colored pig, “S’mores” or “Neapolitan” would be perfect. An all-black guinea pig could be “Midnight,” “Shadow,” or “Raven.” For an orange or red pig, consider “Ginger,” “Autumn,” “Poppy,” or “Rusty.”

Whites and Creams

An albino or cream-colored cavy would suit names like “Vanilla,” “Coconut,” “Marshmallow,” or “Alabaster.” For a unique choice, consider “Chai,” “Macadamia,” or “Crème Brûlée.”

Browns and Tans

For light to medium brown piggies, try “Cocoa,” “Cinnamon,” “Sandy,” “Khaki,” or “Cappuccino.” Darker browns could be “Mocha,” “Espresso,” “Chocolate” or “Truffle.”

Grays and Silvers

If your guinea pig has a slate gray coat, consider “Smokey,” “Ash,” or “Stone.” For a pig with more of a blue-gray tint, try “Misty,” “Stormy,” or “Steel.” Silver or light gray cavies would suit “Mercury,” “Platinum,” or “Pewter.”

Multicolored and Patterned

For a spotted or patched coat, consider “Patch,” “Dotty,” “Inky,” or “Speckles.” A tri-color guinea pig could be “Tricolor,” “Confetti,” or “Harlequin.” Agouti piggies with bands of color could be “Oreo,” “Bandit,” or “Badger.” For a pig with a white blaze, or stripe, on the face, consider names like “Blaze,” “Stripe,” or “Zorro.”

Coming up with a creative, color-inspired name for your new guinea pig friend can be a fun part of welcoming them into your home. Look to their unique coat color, pattern, or markings for inspiration and you’ll find the perfect name in no time.

Disney Inspired Guinea Pig Names

If you’re a Disney fan, naming your guinea pig after a Disney character is perfect! Here are some classic options:

Mickey or Minnie – You can’t go wrong with the classics! Naming your pig after Mickey or Minnie Mouse is always a cute choice.

Donald or Daisy – Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are iconic Disney characters. Your guinea pig will surely live up to the feisty and fun personality.

Pluto – Mickey Mouse’s faithful companion. This is an adorable name for a guinea pig.

Stitch – The lovable alien from Lilo & Stitch would be a fitting name for a mischievous little piggy.

Simba or Nala – For fans of The Lion King, Simba or Nala are perfect names, especially if you have a pair of piggies.

Mulan – A brave name for an adventurous female guinea pig. Fa Mulan is a clever and courageous character from the movie Mulan.

Tinker Bell – The feisty fairy from Peter Pan would be a magical name for a guinea pig with a spirited personality.

Winnie the Pooh – The lovable bear from the Hundred Acre Wood is always a sweet name option. You could also consider Piglet, Eeyore or Tigger.

Finding a name that matches your guinea pig’s appearance or personality is always fun. Disney characters represent magic, adventure and friendship – all things that you’ll experience with your new furry friend. With so many options, you’re sure to find an enchanting Disney-themed name for your little piggie. Sweet dreams and magical adventures await!

What Makes a Good Guinea Pig Name?

When choosing a name for your new furry friend, consider characteristics that capture their adorable nature or a favorite hobby. Guinea pig names should fit their quirky, social and playful personality.

A good guinea pig name reflects things they love, like certain veggies (Carrot, Bean), or sounds they make (Squeak, Chirp). Guinea pigs are very vocal and social animals, so a name highlighting this trait is perfect. They also love to cuddle, so Cocoa, Smooch or Huggy are sweet options.

Consider your guinea pig’s appearance or habits for inspiration. Fluffy, Curly or Chocolate would suit a long-haired pig. If they pop their head up at every little sound, ‘Alert’ or ‘Nosey’ may fit. Guinea pigs also love tunnels and hiding spots, so Cavey, Burrow or Hidey could work.

Puns or plays on words make amusing guinea pig names. ‘Wheekers’ or ‘Furrari’ are clever options. References to pop culture characters they resemble are always fun too, like ‘Tribble’ from Star Trek or ‘Gizmo’ from Gremlins.

Short, distinct names are easiest for guinea pigs to understand and respond to. Two or three syllable names in a higher pitch are ideal. Some examples are Coco, Ginger, Smokey, Teddy, Benny or Zoey. Avoid names that sound like not unusual instructions to keep away from confusion.

With so many options, you’re sure to find a perfect, fitting name for your new little furball. Spend time with your guinea pig to learn their personality and habits. The name will come to you! A unique, customized name that captures their spirit will make them feel extra special.

More Fun Guinea Pig Name Ideas

Coming up with fun and unique guinea pig names is one of the joys of getting a new furry friend! Here are some more playful name ideas to consider:

Want a name that matches your piggie’s color or fur pattern? Consider “Cocoa” for a brown guinea pig, “Oreo” or “Cookie” for one with black and white fur, or “Ginger” for an orange guinea pig.

Feeling literary? Choose a name from a favorite book like “Wilbur” (Charlotte’s Web) or “Stuart” (Stuart Little). Guinea pigs also remind us of sweet treats, so how about “Twinkie,” “Cupcake,” or “S’mores“?

Is your new pet mischievous or silly? Names like “Trouble,” “Rascal,” “Goofball” or “Crazy” might fit perfectly. Or channel their energy into an adventurous name such as “Explorer,” “Traveler,” or “Wanderer.”

For a guinea pig with a distinctive feature, consider “Freckles,” “Doodle,” “Speckles,” or “Dot.” Classic, cute names like “Fluffy,” “Nibbles,” “Patches,” or “Peanut” are always a great choice too.

Want an unusual or quirky name? Some fun options include:

• “Noodles” – silly and food-themed • “Hippo” or “Rhino” – ironic for such a small pet • “Ziggy” or “Zoomy” – energetic and zany • “Kiwi” or “Coconut” – exotic and quirky fruit names

The possibilities for fun and unique guinea pig names are endless. Look for inspiration all around you, get creative and most of all, choose a name that fits your new piggy’s personality and gives you joy each time you call them! With patience and an open mind, you’re sure to come up with the perfect name for your furry little friend.


So there you have it, some seriously cute ideas for naming your new guinea pig pal. With a moniker that suits their personality, your little furball will feel right at home. And you’ll have a blast using their name when you call them over for lap time and treats. Whether you go for a foodie name, human name, descriptive name, or pop culture reference, having the perfect guinea pig name will make your bond with them even stronger. Just be sure to test out a few options before settling on the winner. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you and your guinea pig love their special name.

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